Domain Name Management

Choose a domain the is right for your business. Simply register your business domain name now to secure it.Although we are based in Brisbane , but al are to servcie yor requests throughout Australia.

Domain Services:

Register a Domain

Renew a Domain

Free Domain Transfers

Free Domain Management

Park a Domain

Why buy domains from us?

We are Australian based supporting local Australian business and based in Brisbane, so support your local business. We offer other features that you do not pay for like domain name forwarding where other cheaper hosting services charge for and that makes them more expensive. We also offer free domain management services.

If you need any changes done, no worries mate we have you sorted, our team of experts are available 24x7 to assist and will make those changes free of charge.

Protect Privacy

We have domain privacy the protects your personal information on the web,but unfortunately only available on .com and .net domains.

DNS Control

Free DNs managemet to control your domain, forwarding as nameservers . contact details etc.

TLD Selection

A variety of TLD's to choose from.

Generic Domains

Generic domains for general use.

TLD Register Transfer
.com $12.95 $0.00
.org $15.40 $0.00
.net $13.90 $0.00
.info $14.90 $0.00
.xyz $19.95 $0.00

Country Domains

Top Level Domains specific to countries.

TLD Register Transfer $9.50 $0.00 $21.99 $0.00
.eu $16.90 $0.00
.nz $21.99 $0.00
.eu $16.90 $0.00

Instand Ordering

If the domain is ordered,it is available to use instantly. All orders are instant.

Total DNS Control

You will maintain total control over your domain. You also have advanced features with no limitations.Most registras enforce and charge for these services.

Automatic Renewals

The domains are managed and monitored by us and are automated for your convenience with reminders sent out at different intervals closer to the renewal date.

Branded Email Addresses

You can create your personalised email addresses with the doamisn and one that represents your company brand.

Unlimited Addon Domains

If you host with us , you can add an unlimited amount of addon or parked domains on the system eg, to have multiple email domaisn hosted on one hosting account.

Blacklist Monitoring

Care is taken when registering the domain and to ensure that all best practices are adhered to with regards to spam control and domain verification. so both SPF and DKIM records are created.